Childrens Corner

For Christmas (white or otherwise!)

We’re incredibly lucky if we ever get a White Christmas in Ireland. When it snows, we’re given a whole range of festive outdoor activities to enjoy such as skiing or sleighing.

But even if there’s no snow this year, you will enjoy making this little sleigh to hang on your Christmas tree or to prop outside a doll’s house.

For the sleigh you will need approximately 10 wooden craft lolly sticks, strong glue, string and scissors.

First make the sled legs. For each side of the sled you will need two of the wooden lolly sticks.

Over lap the two sticks and glue together firmly. Leave to dry while you make the rest of the sled.

Place five of the lolly sticks side by side and arrange them so the height is different for each one. Start from the middle and then place two side by side a little lower down. Take the remaining two, and place these lower down to the last two. 

Extra strong

Brush the side of each stick with strong glue and then place them back side by side. Brush the lines between each stick with more glue to ensure it is extra strong. 

Leave to dry for a few hours before assembling the sleigh

Next, brush the outer sticks with glue and place the sleigh legs on top of this. Hold in place for ten seconds before you let go so that they don’t fall over. You may need to prop them up with something.

Leave to dry overnight. Next, flip the sleigh over and glue the remaining lolly stick across the two sticks protruding from underneath the top of the sleigh. Again, leave this to dry for several hours.

Tie a piece of string or ribbon around the last stick you glued down. Glue a miniature fake Christmas tree on top of the sleigh or tie a piece of real fir to the sleigh.

You can always paint the sleigh green or red before you glue the sticks together. A red ribbon will contrast beautifully on a green sleigh with a sprig of holly. And instead of a Christmas tree, wrap an empty match box in plain brown paper, tie it up with a ribbon and glue this to the sleigh.

This sleigh also makes the good basis for gift wrapping. Swap the empty match box for a little box filled with a piece of jewellery or small toy.