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The best ways to let Dad know that he's appreciated

Want to tell your dad he’s the best dad ever, yet don’t know how to say it? This homemade ‘No.1 Dad’ trophy cup should say it for you. As luck would have it, the trophy is made out of cups! So you can fill it with your dad’s favourite sweets or favourite chocolate bar when you present it to him this Father’s Day (June 19).


For the trophy you will need two plastic or paper cups, glue, gold or silver card, card in an assortment of colours, scissors and a ruler.

Measure the height of each cup and then cut a piece of gold card measuring the same length. Dab a little glue around inside of the card and wrap this around the cup, cutting off any excess card. Press the card firmly against the cup and with your hands smooth it all around to make sure the glue sticks. Repeat with the second cup so that both cups are covered in the gold or silver card.

Lay one cup, mouth facing down, onto the work surface. Place the second cup on top so they are shaped like an hour glass. Glue the bottoms of the two cups together and leave to dry. With the remaining gold card, cut out two handles. When you have cut them out fold the blunt ends slightly so they will stick easily to sides of the cup when you glue them in place. Place each handle on either side of the top cup and glue in place.


Carefully draw your numbers and letters onto the coloured card. Cut out the numbers and letters with scissors. Use a cutting knife on a mat to cut out the fiddly bits. Arrange these onto the cup and stick in place with the glue. You can also add your own name onto the cup so it will serve as a Father’s Day card as well as a present.

Once the glue has dried all over the cup, place a bag of sweets inside and give it to your dad when he wakes up on Father’s Day.

If you don’t have any gold or silver card use plain white or ivory card and colour with silver or gold paint. Wait for the paint to dry completely before gluing the cups together.