Childrens Corner

Keeping track in the new year

It’s nearly the middle of the month and with the new year breaking in, it’s time for a fresh new notebook for storing all of your daily to-do lists. Keeping all of your to-do lists in the one notebook is a great way of looking back on everything you have achieved at the end of the year.

Every new book – whether it’s for reading or writing in – needs a bookmark so make your own out of a trusty paper clip. 

You can make several of these and customise them to complement the current book you’re reading. 

For example, if your favourite character from Harry Potter is Hagrid, use lots of black wool to recreate his big beard. The more of these book marks you make, the more books you will want to read, so you have a special book mark for each story.

But to get you started, try making a few simples book marks and then delve deep into your imagination to design some more detailed ones.

For the bookmark all you need is a large paper clip and materials of your choice. 

For the one with ribbons, cut a short piece of ribbon and loop this around the paper clip.

Bundle of wool

For the tassels, cut a long piece of wool and then cut this up into equal-sized strips. Bundle the strips together and then fold them over one side of the paper clip. Take another piece of wool and tie this around the bundle of wool, closest to the paper clip. Use different coloured wool to make a mutli-coloured tassel if you like.

For the button book mark, use some strong glue to secure the button to the paper clip.

These little bookmarks also make great presents for a friend or a member of your family. If you are gifting them a book for their birthday, then make a bookmark to go with it.

They are also very useful for doing homework: if you have one workbook, where you keep all of your assignments in, categorise each subject with a labelled book mark at the top of the page. 

Or, you can use them for marking your favourite recipes to cook and bake.

You can slide these paper clip bookmarks onto a piece of card and pin this to your noticeboard so you can easily grab one whenever you’re ready to start a new book.