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Lobby Pope for Matt Talbot sainthood – call
The Dublin-based priest issues impassioned appeal

Fr Brain Lawless at Matt Talbot Memorial Bridge in Dublin

Irish Church leaders are being urged to lobby Pope Francis for the canonisation of the saintly Dubliner Matt Talbot.

The Dublin-based priest responsible for Matt Talbot’s cause for sainthood made an impassioned appeal to the hierarchy ahead of the 89th anniversary of the well-known Dubliner’s death next month.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic, Fr Brain Lawless, Vice Postulator for the Cause of Canonisation of Venerable Matt Talbot insisted the bishops “should be pushing for Matt Talbot to be canonised”.

“Matt was a poor working man from Dublin. He wasn’t a member of a religious order and he doesn’t have the big machinery behind him that the Franciscans or the Jesuits have to get their saints through. That’s why his cause is so important and needs support,” he pleaded.

“Part of his charm and endearment is that Matt is just like one of us. But that also goes against him to a certain extent. That’s why I’m batting for Matt. He’s one of the little guys,” he said.

The Informative Process for the Beatification of Matt Talbot (illustrated) was opened in 1931 by the then Archbishop of Dublin, Edward J Byrne. The Church subsequently recognised Talbot as ‘Servant of God’ and on October 3, 1975, he was declared ‘Venerable’ by Pope Paul VI.

Fr Lawless, who is responsible for eliciting a miracle that could lead to the beatification and eventual canonisation of Matt Talbot, claims a “physical miracle” is needed now for his cause to progress to the next stage.

“We need a miracle now that is not explainable by science, which is more or less instantaneous, and one that would verify that Matt enjoys the same devotion and regard in Heaven as he does here on Earth.”

“There is still every chance that Matt Talbot could be made a saint in our life time. It’s just a matter of building up interest and momentum,” he said.