Childrens Corner

Make your very own reindeer

Christmas Eve is always such an exciting  night as we gaze the skies in hopes of catching a glimpse of Santa his and his reindeer. If you’re not lucky enough to spot any reindeer, make your own reindeer friend to join you in the Christmas cheer

You will need one small log, branches, string, drill, wood glue, red pom pom, googly eyes or sheets of black and white felt.

Get and adult to drill the holes into the log. First, use a black marker to mark on the log where you are going to drill the holes. One on each side near one end, and two in the very top of the log.

The two holes in the top of the log are where you will insert the branches for the reindeer’s antlers.

Drill a hole all the way through the side of the log where you marked with the pen. Thread a a long piece of thick string through this and tie in a knot.

Next, squirt some glue into the hole in the top of the reindeer’s head and insert the branches into the holes. Push the branches right in and hold for about ten seconds for each branch. Prop the reindeer head up against something while you wait for the glue to dry completely.

While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, you can get busy making the eyes and nose. If you’re using felt instead of googly eyes, then make templates from cereal card for the eye and pupil.

Draw two circles on the card, one larger than the other. The smaller circle should fit inside the bigger circle.

Take the big circle and trace around it on the white felt to cut out two eyes. Take the smaller circle to trace around it on the black felt to cut out two pupils.

Glue the white circles onto the log between the holes where the string runs through, and then glue the black circles on top of the white ones.

Finally, glue the red pom pom onto the very end of the log for the reindeer’s nose.

If Rudolph isn’t your favourite reindeer, then glue a black pom pom on instead of a red one and name it after one of Santa’s other reindeers.

Hang a few light-weight baubles from the branches, and then hang the reindeer from a hook on the wall.

You can even drape a few fairy lights around the antlers to dress it up.