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Northern Ireland police crackdown on online abortion drug sales

The Police Service in Northern Ireland (PSNI) has moved to tackle the online sale of abortion drugs in the region. The PSNI confirmed that it had “carried out a number of searches in relation to illegal purchasing of prescription medications on the internet”. 

In relation to the raids, Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton explained that offences under anti-abortion legislation had underpinned the actions.

“These offences can reasonably be suspected in circumstances where persons order prescription medications which are known to be used or advertised as suitable for inducing an abortion,” he said. 

“Ingesting such drugs or ordering and providing them to another person may constitute a criminal offence.” He added that “many drugs purchased via the internet have not been produced in controlled, clinical laboratory conditions. 

“Such products pose a real risk to health.”

Welcoming news of the raids, the Precious Life group said in a statement: “It must be reiterated that abortion drugs are not healthcare. Research has shown, time and time again, that abortion drugs endanger women’s lives.”