Childrens Corner

Pom pom tree to create a festive air

December is here and the excitement for Christmas has well and truly kicked in. It might still be too early to put the tree up, but you can keep your Christmas spirit satisfied by making homemade decorations while you wait. You can ‘cheat’ and make a miniature tree to gaze at while you are waiting for the real deal.

This pom pom Christmas tree is easy and fun to make, but it’s a long task that will keep you occupied until it’s time to put up the real tree.

If you can’t get the right size pom pom makers, you can make your own out of card. You can even use a bigger cone for a showstopping table centre piece. Just make the pom poms while you’re gluing them to the cone so you can figure out how many you will need.

While traditional greens will remind you of the Christmas tree, feel free to experiment with colours. Use multicolours inspired by coloured fairy lights; or place green pom poms at the bottom, and white at the top for a “snow-covered” tree. 

Make several to create your own wintery forest of Christmas trees.

For the pom pom Christmas tree you will need: dark green wool, spring green wool, sharp pair of scissors, two pom pom makers measuring 25mm and 35mm, red buttons or tiny pre-made red pom poms, one polystyrene cone measuring 6.5 inches long and strong fabric glue.

First, make all of your pom poms to get them out of the way. Make a mixture of dark green and spring green. I made 14 medium pom poms and 18 small pom poms.

Start from the very top of the cone and work your way down, alternating between the spring green and dark green. Dab some of the fabric glue onto the wool, and then press this firmly to the cone and hold for ten seconds. Repeat until the entire cone is covered.

Next, glue the tiny red pom poms all over the tree, pressing them firmly to the wool so that they stick. Leave the glue to dry completely. If you like, cut out a star from some yellow felt to place on top of the tree. And to make it even more like the real thing, wrap a tiny set of battery-operated fairy lights around the body of the tree!