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Tide has turned for Catholic library, board claims

The financial situation of Dublin’s Central Catholic Library has improved dramatically since library members voted against a plan to place the library in the care of Dublin City University.

The rejection of the plan last September was followed by the resignation of a third of the library’s board, who said the library had unsustainable annual losses and needed both substantial capital investment and proper salary and pension provisions for its sole staff member.

Now, however, library secretary David McEllin says the library’s situation is “very positive”, with publicity having boosted awareness of the institution. 


Treasurer Killian Murphy told The Irish Catholic that over the past few months the library has been able to identify €5,000 in costs that can be saved, and has been “very fortunate” with donations, receiving about €5,000 after a fundraising carol service, with a further €10,000 having been pledged. Over €1,000 had been received in smaller donations intended to defray costs, he added.

“People seem to be responding to positive news, and a positive story,” he said, noting how library membership had increased by 10% since September’s AGM, and there were reports of members who have hitherto paid a discounted membership rate switching to the full-cost membership, in an attempt to support the library.

“We think we have a system where we can identify a number of ways of increasing membership in Dublin and nationally,” he said.