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St Nicholas bones discovered claim archaeologists

Bishops deny acting against Philippines’ government

Catholic bishops in the Philippines say they are not acting to undermine the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte by offering sanctuary to several policemen allegedly linked to drug-related killings.

Fr Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the bishops’ conference, said the church leaders should not be perceived as plotting against anyone. “The Church is not one to take steps to destabilise the institution (government) or to undermine the president,” said the priest.

He said some law enforcers sought the help and protection of the Church to reveal what they know about drug-related killings. Close to 12,000 suspected drug users and dealers, mostly from urban poor communities, have been killed since the middle of 2012 following Duterte’s declaration of an intensified war against narcotics.


St Nicholas bones discovered claim archaeologists

Turkish archaeologists claim to have found the bones of St Nicholas underneath a Church at his birthplace in southern Turkey according to the Associated Press.

St Nicholas, whose generosity is believed to have inspired the traditional model of Santa Claus, was born and served as a bishop of what is now the Turkish Mediterranean town of Demre, near Antalya, in the 4th century. He was buried in the area formerly known as Myra, but his bones were believed to have been stolen and taken to the southern Italian town of Bari.