Childrens Corner

You can send cards for Christmas until feast of the Epiphany

Whoever said it was too late to send Christmas cards, forgot that Christmas doesn’t end until the feast of the Epiphany or the Three Wise Men on January 6th.

Little Christmas is surrounded with tradition. As the official last day of Christmas, the tree is taken down, and the decorations are stored away for next Christmas.  It’s also the last chance to enjoy some other festivities before we look forward to the arrival of Spring and the promise of Easter. 

While it may well be too late to send a traditional Christmas card, you can make a Little Christmas card to gift to a friend or family member this weekend.

Traditional Christmas cards feature images that best represent the festive season, from Christmas trees to snowmen, angels, and the nativity scene.

For a Little Christmas card, design something that best represents the feast of the epiphany. The Three Wise Men brought the baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh so you could design a card with these three gifts.

When we think of kings, we picture gold crowns atop their heads. The three kings who visited Jesus might not have worn crowns, and the baby Jesus didn’t wear one, but a gold crown on a card makes a fitting greeting for the occasion.

For the card you will need some coloured paper card, gold metallic paint, scissors, glue, sparkly beads or sequins, pritt stick.

First cut out the crown from yellow paper.  Leave two long tabs on either side of the crown. Paint this with gold metallic paint and leave to dry for several hours. 

Take an A4 sheet of card and fold in half. Unfold the card and lay it down on a cutting mat. Cut two vertical slits on one side of the card. Write your greeting inside the card before you proceed with the next step. 

Glue the sequins or beads to the crown and then taking the tabs, push these through the slits you made in the card. Open up the card and fold the slits inside, and glue into place.

When you look at the front of the card, the crown should have a slight curve to it. 

When the glue has finished drying on the card, it’s ready for you to give away to a loved one.